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How much would it cost for concrete in 16’x16’x12″?I was just wondering what my options are for doing this, I want to lay a 16’x16’x12″ foundation and was just wondering how much it would cost if i did it my self or if i paid someone, and how i would do it my self.


Posted by vakwante
[display_name id=”1″]Simple, concrete is sold by the cubic yard. There are 27 cu/ft in a cu/yd. (3x3x3=27). Your dimensions in cubic feet are: 16’x16’x1’=256 cu/ft. 256/27=9.481 cu/yd. Round up to 9.5 cu/yd and multiply by the $ amount per cu/yd delivered. If your price is $100.00 per cu/yd (range now is $85 to $130 per cu/yd depending on location and aggregate mix you choose) your cost for concrete alone would be about $950.00. It could be as low as $807.50 and as high as $1235.00. Don’t forget about the cost of lumber for form work, excavation costs, and at least 5 cu/yds of sand for a base. Also consider renting a soil compactor and a concrete vibrator for eliminating air bubbles. A vibrator should be used in any pour over 6″ wide and 6″ deep. I’m assuming you could borrow finishing tools such as an edger, a float, and a power trowel. A power trowel is only needed if you desire a smooth, floor-like finish. They can be rented by the day for about $35-$65. I hope this helps you decide whether or not it is worth your time to tackle this job alone, or to pay for it to be done. Good Luck!

Building a house crawl space price vs basement?I live in northeast pennsylvania, we are thinking about building a house, and we were wondering whats smarter to do and is there that much difference in cost putting a craw space in compared to a full basement.. Is it a 10,000 dollare difference or a 20,000 difference.. Is it better to use that money on the main floors and maybe do an unfinish area above the garage that latter can be finished.. Thanks for the help.. Biggest thing is cost difference between basement block foundation to a craw space.

Posted by Chris
[display_name id=”1″]I am not a basement lover and here is why:
I hate to give up living space for stairways. If you calculate the square footage you lose in a house with a stairway it goes about like this. A stairway on each floor level takes up about 40-50 square feet of living space + an area of about 15-20 sq. Feet in front of the stairway at the bottom and at the top. So a stairway to the basement is eating up 55-70 square feet of living space. At $100-$150 per square foot that = about $5,500 – $7,500. Plus the cost of the materials for the stairway/railings/etc. And labor to install them. Stairways are considered finish carpentry work so the labor is a lot more than it would take to just frame in regular floor joist.
If you also think the cost per square foot for a basement is less because it you don’t have to pay extra for a ceiling and you need the concrete footings anyway for a crawl space – you are wrong. Plus most realtors will tell you that even though you may put a bedroom in a basement – it cannot be listed that way unless you have a window large enough for a safety egress and a window well system that permits quick and easy exit properties.
Our masonry subcontractor wants a thicker/wider footing for a full basement block wall, and on walls over 30′ long he likes to install pilaster pillars midway. Plus most basements require a perimeter drain/sump pit and waterproofing membrane on the exterior side. Your basement requires about 8 more courses of block than a crawl space and a network of floor drains piped to the sump pit, and a concrete floor. You aren’t going to have lights in a crawlspace – but you are going to need a couple of circuits for lights in that basement.
I like to think of it this way. If you are a young family (1-2 kids), you probably don’t need as much space right now as you will need when those kids are teenagers. If you have a large yard and you can provide each family member a space of their own and a living room/family room area for the winter months when everyone gets a little tired of being inside, then a single level house on a crawl space is fine, and in my opinion the smartest thing to do.
Basements are great if you or one of your kids has a hobby that requires working and storage space. Yes, you can put the furnace/water heater and laundry room down in the basement (if your wife wants to take all those steps).
Here is the breakdown on a 28’x40′ example: Addition block 820 Mat & Labor = $ 3,000/ Floor slab mat & lab=$3,510.00/ Floor beam & 3 steel columns =$750/ Perimeter drain + sump pump & pit + floor drains & pipe mat & lab=$1600/ Stairway mat/lab $600 , Electrical circuit $200, Excavation for basement 250 cubic yards dirt more than 2′ crawl space = $4300. $1200 waterproofing walls . $15,200 more than typical crawl space or $13.60 per sq. Ft. You can add to that if the lot does not have place to leave about 200 cubic yards of dirt. * If you take that $15,000 and put it in an extra room for a house on a crawl space and you added square footage that was not in the kitchen/bath (highest per square foot areas) you could add an additional 200 sq. Feet to the house, plus you will save that square footage the stairway would have taken up + 60 sq. Ft.

Looking for a ball park estimate on cost of concrete slab 30X40 4″ thick.?Slab will be in the panhandle of florida.

Posted by Elise C
[display_name id=”1″]Okay !! Sw-in-gr. Said his math was a little rusty , he wasn’t kidding . 30 ‘ x 40 ‘ x 4 ” slab is going to require about 15 yds of concrete ( yes thats cubic ) call your local concrete plant and get their price per yard . I figure concrete price then double it , that covers light excavation , forming , finishing , stripping , and clean up . You might be able to cut the labor price a little but get rerferences if the price sounds too good Good Luck.

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