Excavation cost

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How much would it cost to build a barn (50 foot by 50 foot)?I want to build a barn on my property. I want it 50ft by 50ft. And it would be a one story building (Most barns can be considered a 2 story cause of the shape of the roof in a triangle shape)

Can you please give me an estimate on what you think the cost might be…..My price range is $10,000 preferably but i could possibly go $20,000 at a max price.

Posted by Frank
[display_name id=”1″]The excavation, foundation and floor alone for a building that big would be around 25k. There is no lumber big enough to cut your own rafters so you would have to use a truss system which gets pricey at that kind of length (probably about $240 each x 26 plus the cost of the truck to get them there). You would also need a crane to put the trusses in place which would run about 2K for the day. You’re a little over 33K with these items (that probably you wouldn’t be able to do yourself.) Add your materials for framing, sheathing, siding and roofing and you’re not even close to a 20K figure.

I put a truss roof with a 4 man crew on an existing 40 x 70 building about 4 yrs ago and it cost the owner a little over 120k .

Excavation cost of burying imground pool?

Posted by Chris
[display_name id=”1″]An average backyard pool will take about 10 trucks to fill it. The heavy equipment needed will be added to that. If you had good solid access where a dump truck could simply back up and let the load go would save you considerably. You could post a few signs or visit a nearby excavation and make a deal to divert a few loads your way. This saves them dumping fees and fuel mileage. If you were to just pick up the phone and order it done, expect to pay upwards of $ 400

Can you help me estimate excavation costs?We are building a two-story garage 30 x 40. I need an estimate on how much to dig for the footers/42″ wall, plus backfilling after wall is poured. The area where the garage is going is already level.
Thanks for the help!

Posted by sloppyjo
[display_name id=”1″]You will have to get a local excavator or soil engineer to help with this. The soil conditions in your area will be a big factor in determining how much soil will need to be removed. The cohesiveness of the soil will determine the angle of repose. Good luck with the project.

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Deep, tight excavation

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