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Difference between excavation and survey????! (anthropology)?

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Survey comes before excavation.

A survey is when you look for surface finds or some indication of occupation. Disturbed soil will often have different vegetation on it and can be found through photographs. Maps can us used to suggest possible occupation sites (water, south facing, higher up for breezes)

Once on the ground a survey can be as simple as walking the ground looking for artifacts. You might use a grid patter and then shovel test pits to get a raed on the site.

Once you map out your finds the clustering of artifacts should indicate the best place to put an excavation.That's when the digging starts.

Harvest Moon DS Cute Excavation site?

Is that the same thing as Carter's Dig? If not, where is it?

Posted by KH
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Its the SAME THING! Here is a great way to save up stamina when you go digging.

" The easy way to dig up the items from the excavation site is to save your game at the entrance, then dig around with your Hoe until you find one. When you reload your game the item will still be in the same spot, which saves you wear on your stamina levels."

" The excavation site also contains 4 hidden mines. To unlock the first mine you need to visit the site in the hours when nobody is in the excavation site, either very early in the morning or after 9:00 pm. You also need to have your Hammer equipped before you enter the Excavation site. Carter will be in the site by himself, and he is in need of your hammering expertise. When you hit the wall as Carter instructs you will open up a doorway to the first mine. All of the mines will need to be unlocked by Carter and your Hammer."

Also its a great way to make money because most of the things you dig up are wort 2000G!

[Excavation] What is fill materials?

Can you help me on how to solve the volume of fill materials where it's 18% shrinkage factor…
I know that the volume formula is Length times width times height but I don't have the idea of what fill material is in construction.

Posted by Jay Ann O.
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Shrinkage Factor = Volume after Compaction/Volume before Excavation

You have a volume before excavation,you can calculate Volume after Compaction.

Shrinkage Factor: The material placed in roadway embankments usually is compacted more densely than it was in its natural state. In effect each cubic yard (cubic meter) of excavation "shrinks" slightly by the time it is compacted in an embankment.
This shrinkage is compensated for in the calculation by increasing the volume of embankment to represent
the volume of "natural state" material required.

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