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I’m looking to have an L shaped pond dug on some land that I have in Texas? What are the average excavation?I’m looking at and L-shaped pond……50′ X 40′ plus 100′ X 40 to equal a surface area of 6000 ft2 and 8 feet deep. Does anyone have a ballpark excavation cost for a pond this size? Removed dirt will be spread evenly over one acre.

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[display_name id=”1″]┬áIf you have the time why not mark the area to dig out and rent a backhoe It’s way cheaper and it’s not hard to operate.I live in Missouri and it costs about $250 to $300 a day to rent. If you hire someone they want $500 or more just to bring
the equipment to the site.
Looking to buy an inground pool for no more than $2,000?Would like to buy an inground pool for no more than $2,000 is that possible? If so any websites, companies etc?

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[display_name id=”1″]Not possible. For that budget you’ll need a shovel and let the hole you dig fill with rainwater for a pond.
An above ground pool kit, you’ll be able to do it with that budget if you install it yourself..but an inground? No. The cost of an excavation alone can run 5 grand and that will just leave you with a hole in the ground. The steel kit ( walls) for a vinyl inground ( cheapest pool) runs at around 2 grand. Then you have the equipment which with no heater will set you back almost a grand. Add another grand for the heater. Another grand for a salt water chlorine generator. 800- 1500 bucks for the liner installed. The pool deck? The sky is the limit.
Typically an inground pool ( vinyl) starts at about 23 grand installed and the price only goes up from there. A concrete pool much more.




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