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Ballpark cost of a retaining wall vs lots of lava rock and landscaping fabric?

I have a hillside in the back of my yard. The previous owner set up a little garden of mulch and shrubs. It has been neglected and is now a 100'x50' area of weeds with a rotten 100' railroad tie retaining wall at the bottom of the hill. I was thinking of laying landscape fabric in the area and filling it up with lava rock and turing it into a 100'x 50' rock garden. My father suggested looking into the possibility of doing 2 retaining walls in a step sequence to make the yard more level in that area. 1 block wall to replace the railroad ties and another about 10' above it to level off the yard at the top of the hill. I figured lava rock and fabric would probably run me about $6,000 to do that 100'x50' area I was wondering if the retaining walls and excavation would be in that cost range? I live in the Pittsburgh area.

Posted by Ward D
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The average cost of wall stone is $15.00-$25.00 per square foot installed. The removal of the old ties, dirt fill, and other general labor would be addition costs. Also it sounds like you want to add lava gravel. I would warn you that lava gravel is extremely difficult to remove debris like leaves.

I would like to know if there is a rule of thumb for calculating rock removal in a building site?

I have a buildable lot, however, boring tests reveal rock at a depth of 5', we need to excavate to 30' below the surface. I need to know how a lay person would estimate the excavation costs to a ball park figure.

Posted by john s
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There are quite a few estimating guides. Berger Cost File, Means Cost Data, National Const Cost Estimator, etc.
You will have to do the Math – Calc volume, etc.

How much would it cost to get a 10 foot swirly slide from your house into an underground lair?

I asked a question about an underground lair but now I would like to know the price to get a 10 foot swirly slide from the house to an underground lair.
Btw I am wanting the price for the slide and the lair.

ok thnx but how much for the lair?

Posted by MOIRA
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Ok thnx but how much for the lair?

Depends a lot on local soil/excavation conditions and labor costs.
Do you expect to have to break rock?
How big a 'lair'? How deep? Water drainage?
To be safe you're talking a lot of reinforced 'cast in place' concrete,
including a reinforced roof slab.
Backfill above around the excavation.
Trucking/disposal of excess 'fill'.
It won't be cheap. You're into 5 figures.

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Deep excavation 7 meters very close to the Railway Track …

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