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Can any one help us with an ongoing problem we have with a fiberglass swimming pool?

We had an 11Mtr Soverign fibreglass pool installed about 10 years ago and have no end of trouble since. First they had to do repairs before instalation as the pool was damaged in transit. Since then the company has been continually returning to repair bubbles comimg up all over the pool and they said it was caused by the pool gelcoat being sprayed on while the pool had dew or water spots and caused air under the gel coat. On proberbly 5 occations they have returned & drained the pool and ground back the lumps and regelled. This was done under warranty. Now they have said that the pool is old and if we want the new lumps removed we will have to pay for them to do it and also pay for the water refil. The last repair now has round rings and mould around the outside of the repairs (about a 100 of them) . We think that as it is an ongoing problem that the repair should be done at no cost to us. Are we in our rights or do we just have to lump it. Has any one else had this problem?

Posted by fran w
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Now is the time to consider two options:
Sue them
Get a new pool

New pool
Consider that if you bring suit, you MIGHT not win and you are back to square one plus the cost of the suit.
Consider that if you bring suit, the elapse time during litigation can streach out for months and months. Meanwhile, you are still tending a pool that is deteriorating and probably at an excellerated rate the longer it goes without repair AND at the end, IF you win, what do you win? A new pool (that's what I'd sue for) FROM the same company (whoa — you've just been through that).

I suggest this. Talk to a lawyer — what are your chances of winning and getting re-embursed for the inital cost of the pool to recoop your cost of that pool, so you can replace it FROM A DIFFERENT COMPANY?
Have the lawyer meet with them. He tells them what is going to happen if you go forward with the suit. Perhaps they will elect to negotiate. What will they offer? A new pool? A continuation of the shabby repairs to date? An attempt to repair a pool that MIGHT NOT BE REPAIRABLE? (I think that is the case — the pool CANN'T be repaired, and they know that by now.) That's a point in your favor in negotiations with them.
Listen to what they will do and weight that against what has been going on AND what are your guarentees that the existing pool WILL finnaly be repaired?
MAYBE just MAYBE, they will be glad to get out of being suied and be glad to be free of the problem and YOU — and will pay you a lump sum. The sum COULD represent the original cost of the pool (and that's what I would want) or less — but more would be unrealistic.

Hope for that. Then take that $$ (hopefully the original pool cost) and get a new pool.
A new pool will cost more now, but there are the spring specials (watch out — these may not be the top of the line packages).
The hole is already dug. That's a plus.
The old pool must come out. I think the likelyhood that the ground under your present pool is saturated with water and that will have to be addressed before a new pool goes in. Pool removal is a cost (but not as much as new excavation). Fixing sub layment is a cost (but not as much as new excavation) AND if it exists, is testiment to factors addressing the presents pool's problems. Nice to know and if so, document it by a professional photographer's expertise. Just could be you could go back to the original pool's people and say, "I told you so. We want you to pay for the old pool extraction and soil repair." They might go for it. But your lawyer will have to pave the way for this come back before you accept any money in a settlement. This could also be more leverage on them to get a settlement BEFORE you remove the old pool. At this time no one knows if the subpool ground is wet; thus use that as a lever.
ANYWAY going on . . .
You end up with a new pool, new pool filtering system (or maybe you keep the old system —- BUT it's an old system), and any of things that you have thought of adding or changing – that you have thought about since having the original pool i.e. Different deck, bigger pool, smaller, shape, ammenities, color, surface treatment, non-clorine system that is now available, dah – dah – dah – etc. Etc.

The present pool situation may be the best thing to happen.
Should be an interesting summer for you-all, Cheers.

Where can i find a swimming pool that is both above ground and in-ground (combination i think)?

I seen it once on a site but now i can't seem to locate it.
One end is in the ground and the other end is out. It is classified as an above ground pool which helps tremendously with house taxes. It does have a gradual depth. Goes from 3' to 9'.

Posted by bode
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Kayak's aren't the best answer . They'll do, but I'm not impressed with their track record over the long term, being sunk. They can be dished out (any above ground can) and a hopper made, but their limited deck space, is a real constraining factor. Don't try to pass someone going the other way, someone's going to get wet.
I think, however, you may be referring to what is called an On Ground pool. It's similar in material as an inground (walls are galvanized steel), but instead of being totally sunk, they usually are out of the ground about a foot or more, allowing for a wood deck all around. They're usually used in areas that have a high bedrock, making excavation for installing a traditional inground difficult or in a yard that has a heck of a slope. This lessens the cost of the pool overall as there may be no retaining wall needed or much dirt to move.
Check with your local inground vinyl builder, he'll be able to do one. There's not much difference in construction between it and a vinyl inground, other than deck type, the butressing for them and amount of excavation required. The kits for these type of pools can be found wherever there's an inground distributer.
Here's a few links
and bottom of page here: Http://www.doneensales.com/pools.htm

Swimming pools! Does anyone know the cost of a swimming pool in Phoenix, AZ…?

And a well recommended company who can build pools? I'm not looking for anything fancy, just a pool rectangular in size.

Posted by The Answer!
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You can only get a price by contacting a company that builds pools. There are many costs that go into a pool. The cost of excavating, the cost of building the pool. Many many variations…. Such as…Liner or Gunite, or 2 skimmers or 1 skimmer, main drain or not. There are so many variables based upon what you want. If you want more skimmers, there will be a little more cost to make that part of the pool. Dont just settle for 1 skimmer to cheat the costs of building a pool now. That second skimmer might save you thousands of hours of labor in cleaning the pool bottom by helping to remove debris blown into the pool before it can drop to the bottom.

Thats just the pool. You also have to consider what equipment you want. If you cheat the equipment by getting equipment that is too small for your pool, you might always have an algae problem, or instead of having to run your pool 8 hours a day, you need to run it 12 hours just to get the same effect. 4 hours of electrical a day Even if its 50 cents a day in electrical costs, and since your in phoenix, you might run your pool all year long, so you'll spend 180 more in electrical costs over a year instead of putting that 180 dollars into the equipment in the first place. After the First year, the equipment is already bought and paid for, so there wont be any additional costs. Cheat the equipment, and you will probably end up paying for it every year you own it.
And Lastly, you are going to need landscaping work done on the pool/back yard. IF your putting in an inground pool, you need to install fences if you dont already have them to prevent accidental deaths by drowning for kids etc, the heavy equipment to make the hole will probably tear up the grass around your pool and the side of the house etc. So this will all have to be addressed after the fact.

You are also going to need to get a deck put in around your pool. 99.9 of decks are concrete. You can get your regular concrete deck, or go for the more expensive stamped concrete, or you can get a deck with Pavers, its all up to you. And the costs associated with each are different.

So you want to have an idea of what you want in your mind for your pool, and then go and talk to companies that build pools, and get prices. Some companies might do all the work, while some companies might Sub out some of the work such as the excavation, and the steel frame work.
For the same pool, you will probably get 3 different prices from 3 different companies.

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